The Ring

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The Ring that Bilbo finds is the most important symbol in the story. First of all, it is a key point for all the books in the future to follow, with the final quest being to destroy this ring. Also, him finding this ring completely changes him, for he is able to do things he would have never done before. Also, when faced with tough situations, the ring can get him by, and after he has come out the victor, he feels accomplished and more confident of his skills. After going through this process many times his skills in battle and intelligence increase, as well as his self-esteem and respect. So this Ring symbolizes his change, his change from a weakling into a confident human being capable of most anything. It completely alters Bilbo and turns him from a static into a dynamic character throughout the book.

The Arkenstone


The Arkenstone, also known as the Heart of the Mountain, is a significant object in The Hobbit. It is a precious stone found under the Lonely Mountain many years ago by Thrain the Old, Thorin’s ancestors. It is said to have its own inner light and is described by Thorin as so“It shone like silver in the firelight, like water in the sun, like snow under the stars, like rain upon the moon..”. The stone represents many different things in the book. It represents Thorin’s greed and remembrance of his childhood when he still thrived with his people in the mountain, that is why it is so precious to him and why the dwarves decided to bury him with it. It also represents the peace among dwarves, wood elves and humans. In the story, Bilbo chooses to give up his share of the treasure in order to prevent a war between the races. He takes the stone from the cave and gives it to the humans, so that they can trade it for their fair share of gold and leave the dwarves to their cave. Even though the alliance was inevitable, Bilbo helped to create peace among the races. The Arkenstone is a very precious stone and is more than just a rock.

The Lonely Mountain


The Lonely Mountain is an important symbol and the abyss of the story. The company had traveled long and far through many dangerous adventures. Fighting off many different creatures including goblins, spiders and escaping from the wood elves dungeons, the company is brought to the lake town which is near this dark and mysterious mountain. Beneath the mountain lies the fortune of Thorin the next King Under the Mountain. The mountain also happens to be the resting place of a dark and powerful dragon that has claimed the treasure as his own. The mountain represents the final destination of the company and symbolizes all of their greatest fears, hardships and their fortunes.